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My son just loves reactions and explosions so this is a simple experiment we have done quite a few times using just household ingredients.

For this ‘volcano’ you will need:


baking soda

washing up liquid

food colouring (optional)

little containers / jars etc


You can even add glitter if you like. We did this for our purple volcano and the kids were delighted to see it as the eruption occurred.

My kids like to pour each ingredient into a separate container and then mix together. You could just pour each in turn into the same container however. Whichever way you choose to do it just make sure you add the vinegar last as this causes the reaction.

Once you add the vinegar sit back and watch your volcano erupt!















Lucas once received a Volcano kit as a birthday gift. We had great fun with this kit as well until ingredients included in it ran out. It comes with a mini volcano for you to fill with the ingredients and I recommend you do this one outside as it can shoot quite high!

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