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STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Maths) is a big buzz word at the moment. STEAM activities can be as simple or as complicated as you make them. Plenty of everyday items and even toys such as Lego can be used for STEAM activities. Activities such as making and testing paper airplanes are simple STEAM activities to get you started.

Since schools closed as well as the science experiments I shared yesterday we have tried to do some other STEAM activities. Some of these have been suggested by Designer Minds (www.designerminds,ie). My son did a summer camp with them last year and loved it.

We have had fun trying matchstick puzzles (www.matchstickpuzzles.blogspot.com) and using The Hour of Code website (www.thehourofcode.com) to create a simple computer game. Check out my son’s here.

We also used the Drumbit app to virtually play the drums and create some great beats.

One of our favourite recent activities was building a free standing tower with just paper, tape and scissors. We had a lot of fun. First we drew some designs. Then we got to work. My daughter was really good at rolling the paper and taping it. My son couldn’t wait to get it finished so he could add a light to the top so airplanes wouldn’t crash into it!

Check back in the next day or two for posts on creating stopmotion videos and some of our favourite STEAM toys and resources.


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