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Easter Garden and Tree

In our family it is important to us to celebrate the real meaning of Easter – Jesus’ death and resurrection. While we enjoy doing the more secular crafts of chicks and bunnies we also like to try and incorporate the Christian based message.

Each year one of our Easter activities is to make a little Easter garden that incorporates the tomb where Jesus was buried.

We use whatever container we have – an empty tin of chocolates from Christmas, for example. We get some soil and pebbles and fill the container. We make a little mound in the soil and place a larger stone in front to represent the tomb and the stone. We then decorate with pieces of moss, flowers, etc and finally we make three little crosses out of twigs tied together with string or elastic bands to represent the three crosses, one of which Jesus was crucified on.

Here are two of our Easter gardens from over the years.


We also decorate a little Easter tree each year. This is a German tradition that we have adopted. We find a biggish branch with lots of twigs on it in the woods and bring it home. We have collected some little eggs over the years that we find in places like The Euro Shop, Bookstation, Mr Price, etc. We hang them on our tree. This year we even added fairy lights.



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