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Egg-cellent Fun!

It’s not long until Easter and I am hoping to share with you some of the Easter activities we have done over the years in the coming days. Today I’ll share an activity we did just yesterday.

We used materials and objects we already had in the house, so there was no need to buy anything, as well as a couple of eggs. You could use hard boiled eggs for less mess but we used raw and did it outside.

The idea is to create a contraption for your egg to sit in and then drop it from various heights to see does it protect the egg and keep it from cracking. This was great fun and passed a few hours!

We made three different designs which you can see in the photos below. Our parachute was actually the least effective but I think we probably needed a deeper holder for it at the bottom of the parachute.

We dropped our eggs from standing, then from the chair and then from the table all on to grass and our eggs survived, except for when in the parachute. Once we dropped them onto the patio though they cracked!

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