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Happy Self Journals

L and A recently completed their Happy Self Journals. These journals have been created to encourage mindfulness and a growth mindset. You can purchase them . They are beautifully made and children are encouraged to fill them in at the end of each day with their top 3 things from that day. There is also a daily quote and emojis that you can circle to describe your mood and at the bottom of each page there are either lists where you can tick off things you did that day (e.g. gave someone a hug, said I love you, helped around the house, had a good sleep) or random acts of kindness to do or space to write your own quote or affirmation. We really enjoyed filling in the journals each evening before bed and they helped to generate some good discussions and chat about our days as well.

We are currently filling in our Isolation Diaries but when life is back to normal I would consider buying another copy of the journals or perhaps trying out a different company, for example, Big Life journals, instead.

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