Home Easter Egg Hunt

We usually go to an Easter event each year for our Easter egg hunt. We like to try out different places and support local businesses. This year, in lockdown, I’ve put together a simple egg hunt around the house for L and A.

I wrote clues and got some mini eggs and two chocolate lollipops. I will put some mini eggs with each clue and, with one clue, I’ll put the chocolate lollipops. The last clue will lead L and A to their Easter Eggs.

I’m sharing my clues here in case you want to take inspiration from them or use them yourselves.



Beginning / Clue Number 1

It’s Easter Sunday

Hip hip hooray!

Jesus is Alive

Give each other a five!


Now follow the clues,

See where they lead,

The first place to look,

Is where you will find a seed.


Clue Number 2:

Well done, you’re on to clue number 2,

Go to the room where you would find the loo.


Clue number 3:

Clue number 3, great work so far!

Now look in the room with the ceiling of stars.



Clue number 4:

Excellent sleuthing, you’ve found clue 4,

Now go to the place where the towels we store.


Clue number 5:

Here’s clue number 5, give a hug to yourself,

Now go find Roald Dahl’s box on the bookshelf.



Clue Number 6:

You’re almost there, you’ve reached clue number 6,

Now you need to search the room where you watch Netflix.



Clue number 7:

It’s clue number 7, yippee and yikes!

Head outside to where we store the bikes!




Well done to you both, you followed the clues,

You found your Easter eggs, now which will you choose?

Eat and enjoy them, they’re yummy and sweet,

But remember the message, brought with this treat.

Jesus died on the cross, so that you could be free,

He’s the reason for Easter, He love you, you see.



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