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Marbled Easter Eggs

This year we decided to try dying eggs using a marbling method. This is easy to do and uses items you probably have already at home. All I had to buy was the white eggs and this year we found white duck eggs in the village shop which was handy.

What you need:

White eggs (we used 6)



Food colouring


Cups / bowls

Cooling rack



Firstly, decide if you are going to blow your eggs or not. We didn’t but the blowing process is pretty simple (though do be careful as eggs are delicate!). To blow your eggs use a needle or pin to poke a hole at each end of the egg. Make one hole slightly bigger. Blow through the smaller hole and the egg white and yolk will come out the larger hole. Once your eggs are empty rinse them gently and leave to dry.

Boil a kettle of water. Pour the hot water into each of your cups, enough so that you can submerge your egg but not too full so as the water doesn’t overflow when the egg is in. Place a teaspoon of vinegar into each cup. Next, add food colouring to each cup, one colour per cup. Gently place an egg in each cup. The longer you leave the eggs the deeper the colour will be. If you find that the eggs are not colouring well you could add a few more drops of food colouring. Do not make the colours too deep however as for the marbling you will need darker colours.

When you are happy with the colours of your eggs remove them from the cups and place them on a wire rack to dry.



Meanwhile, fill shallow bowls with an inch of fresh water and a tablespoon of oil and plenty of food colouring, again one colour per bowl. To create the marble effect you need to take an egg and dip it in the bowl and roll it around. Choose a darker colour than the base colour of your egg for it to be effective. Then leave your marbled eggs to dry on the wire rack again.

Now you can use your eggs as part of your Easter decorations!



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