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Neighbourhood Bear Hunt

I had seen this idea a few times on the internet since various countries started quarantining / social isolating. I decided to see if I could organise one for my estate. Through the estate’s Facebook page and by popping notes through letterboxes we got the word out over the weekend.

The idea is simple. Those wanting to participate can put a teddy bear (or bears) in one or more of their front windows. We agreed the bears would stay there from Monday until Friday. This would give all families who wanted to do the bear plenty of time to do it. Families could then take it in turns to walk around the estate and spot all the teddies. I designed a little sheet to go with the hunt which I uploaded for our neighbours to use if they wanted to. My kids used the sheet and they counted 91 teddies of all sorts of shapes and sizes! We had a lovely time and it was heartwarming to see all the teddies looking out the windows.

We are doing an Easter Egg one over the Easter weekend where people are going to decorate paper eggs and hang them in their windows. Wonder how many we will count?!

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