Resurrection Eggs

I’ve been using Resurrection Eggs for the past number of years each Easter. The idea is that they are a way of telling the Easter story to young children. I have 6 plastic eggs that come apart that I use each year. You can buy a set of Resurrection Eggs online or simply buy plastic eggs in a shop such as the €2 Shop, Dealz, etc.

I have numbered our eggs from 1-6. I tell the Easter story simply and as we go I have the kids open each egg in turn. Inside each egg is a little symbol to represent each part of the story.

Egg 1 – Leaf (to represent Palm leaves for Palm Sunday)

Egg 2 – bread (to represent the Last Supper)

Egg 3 – picture / drawing of a cross

(to represent the Crucifixion)

Egg 4 – stone (to represent the stone rolled away from the tomb)

Egg 5 – empty (to represent the empty tomb)

Egg 6 – sweets / chocolate (as a little treat and in celebration of Jesus being alive!)

We always use our Resurrection Eggs when we sit down for our Easter dinner but you could do it anytime!

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