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Armagh Planetarium

If you haven’t been to the Armagh Planetarium then plan a visit! It is just fantastic!

First up is the museum. Here you can learn all about space with plenty of hands on activities and you can even dress up as an astronaut! Outside, you can see models of the planets to scale as well which is pretty cool.

The auditorium shows a number of different shows. Some are suited to younger children, some to older. Make sure to check the age recommendations before you book in to a certain show. We thoroughly enjoyed the show we went to, sitting in comfy seats in the auditorium looking above and around us, taking it all in!

Finally, there are workshops to participate in as well. We did two. One was a design your own rocket activity where there were loads of recyclable materials, tape, glue, markers, etc. There were examples that you could draw inspiration from and then the kids were let loose to get busy and create. The second one was where we got to make a rocket following certain instructions and then ‘set it off’! It goes quite high and is great fun!

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