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Bubble Snakes

These are simple and great fun for kids! Plus they’re a handy use for any odd socks you might have lying around!

To make a bubble snake you need a water bottle, sock and bubble mixture!

Cut off the bottom of the water bottle with a pair a scissors. Stretch out the sock and slide it over the bottom part of the water bottle. Cover the water bottle with the sock. If the sock is too long and you fold it back over. You want it to fit snugly around the bottle. If the socks are too big you could use an elastic band to hold them in place. Pour some bubble mixture into a dish or, if you don’t have bubble mixture you could just mix some washing up liquid and water. Dip the end of the sock and bottle into the mixture. Now blow into the mouth piece of the bottle (the end you normally drink from) to make the bubbles. The harder you blow the more bubbles you will make and the longer your snake will be!

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