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Cardboard Boxes

If you ever get a cardboard box don’t throw it out! If your children are anything like mine a cardboard box can become all sorts of things! The kids often ask me we have any cardboard when they are in a creative mode. We’ve had all sorts made from a house to a car wash to a post box. The possibilities and the fun are endless! With scissors, tape, glue, coloured paper, markers, etc we have made all sorts of things. They can be as simple or as complicated as you wish.

When my son was going through his An Post phase we created a simple post box and had great fun posting letters to each other. Don’t be afraid to ask in the local post office for air mail stickers, old stamps, forms, etc as well – they are usually very obliging. This goes for most places that your child might be interested in as we have discovered from having a very inquisitive child!


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