CO2 experiment

Here is yet another baking soda and vinegar experiment but this time, instead of focusing on the bubbling reaction that occurs when the two substances mix this experiment focuses on what is created by the reaction – the gas CO2 or carbon dioxide!

C02 is an invisible gas of course so to show the kids that a gas is indeed produced in this reaction we used a balloon.

For this experiment you need to work quite quickly. To begin, get a small empty bottle. Half fill it with some vinegar. You want a decent amount to get a decent amount of CO2 from the reaction so the balloon with get quite big. Next, carefully fill the balloon with a decent amount of baking soda. Again, using a generous amount will cause a bigger reaction with the vinegar and more CO2.

Carefully stretch the balloon over the opening of the bottle. The baking soda will fall into the bottle of vinegar. The reaction will begin. Watch the balloon carefully – it should slowly expand as the CO2 from the reaction fills it!

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