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Home Made Robot

L has attempted a few robots over the years. We even made him a robot costume once. We tend to use whatever we have at home but L wanted a robot that actually moved! We found out about the Make Shop in town run by Trinity College. You can book a slot and they will work with you to create a robot out of easily available materials. Unfortunately they have since closed but you can easily order a basic motor and battery pack online. We used a nail brush as the base of our robot and stuck the motor and battery pack onto the base with a glue gun. We then added other features using whatever materials we had.

L eventually took the robot apart – as he does with most things – but some time later we heard of a ‘make your own robot competition’ in our local library encouraging kids to use recycled materials to make robots so L reinvented his robot using the same motor and battery pack but different materials from around the house and he was one of the prize winners!

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