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Jump Zone

Jump Zone is located in Sandyford (there are also locations in Blanchardstown and Lucan) and is a huge indoor venue full of trampolines. It’s a great work out! At one end there are a number of trampolines side for side for bouncing around on, including some on the walls so that you can even bounce against the walls!

There is also an obstacle course that you can try and complete plus two dodgeball trampoline courts where you can see how good you are at dodging balls while bouncing. There is also a wall that you can try and run up to reach the top, a balance beam where you have to try and knock your opponent off and some trampolines that you can somersault off into soft foam blocks.

You are given special socks to wear on arrival and there’s a safety video to watch as well. There is also a small cafe and seating area for those not participating or for those exhausted and thirsty after their session!


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