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Laya City Spectacular

This is a great festival in Dublin and Cork each summer. We always have a great day out. Entry is free but the performers do ask for money after their shows so best to have some cash handy! You’ll also want some cash if you choose to let your kids go on some of the rides around Merrion Square (there’s not many but there’s usually a helter skelter and a carousel or similar) as well as various food vans dotted around the park. You can of course bring a picnic if you prefer!

Before we set off I usually print off the timetable for the day and we choose what we want to see. There are a whole host of performers and shows and various ‘stages’ where they perform so it’s best to plan exactly what you want to see and know which stages you are looking for. We obviously choose the most child friendly ones!

There are also various other random and fun things to do dotted around the park including games and various tents / stalls with all sorts of activities going on for young and old alike. It’s a festival not to be missed! Find out more here.

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