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Nature Scavenger Hunt and Blackberry Picking

A nature scavenger hunt is a fun and simple idea and could be done at any time of the year as long as you put on seasonal things for the kids to find. We did the one in the picture below during autumn and had great fun wandering around our local park and ticking the items off the list on our clipboards. There are many lists available online to download. I made ours in a few minutes on Microsoft Word, putting on it things I knew we would find locally so the kids could feel like they accomplished something!

Items I put on for an autumn hunt included blackberries, conkers and beech nuts. Autumn is also the time for conker hunting (more on that here) and blackberry picking. Best to go in September for both these activities or the squirrels, birds and other people will have taken them all! The blackberries are delicious and we always eat plenty while picking and end up not taking that many home but when we get enough they are great to put in an apple and blackberry crumble! One year I’ll pick enough to make a pot a jam….


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