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The Big Brick Experience

Russborough House is a grand old house and estate in Blessington, Co Wicklow. It is worth a visit on it’s own at any time of year (I’ll do a separate post on it soon!) as there are lovely walks and tours of the house available as well as, of course, a cafe. There’s also a playground and a maze and the National Bird of Prey Centre there too! Sometimes there is a seasonal Sunday market also.

However, one time we went to explore Russborough House we also went to see the Big Brick Experience. which was housed there for a few weeks.  This is great for lego loving kids. There are all sorts of amazing Lego models to look at as well as a space for kids to play with lego bricks as well (although this part wasn’t really that great!)

Kids can also complete a little quiz as they walk around the exhibition. While impressive the exhibition is quite small and you do have to pay for it but if done in conjunction with a walk and tour of Russborough you can easily fill in an enjoyable day out.

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