Days Out

The National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin

The National Botanic Gardens are a wonderful place to take a walk in north Dublin and escape from the city. The gardens are well maintained and the flowers are just beautiful. The tropical house is fun to walk through – try to avoid the misty sprinklers that keep this house humid and warm!

However, the gardens also run events for children and we have attended two such events. You need to book in advance but the events themselves are free. The workshops we took park in were seed bombs and seed pictures. L and A got to look at different types of seeds and then create pictures using the seeds and glue. They also got to learn how to make seed bombs using wildflower seeds and then, when they had created their own seed bombs, we were able to take them home and throw them on the ground like a bomb to let the seeds grow.

Keep an eye out for upcoming family friendly workshops and events!

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