Zero Waste

Zero Waste Bathroom

The bathroom was one of the first areas I tackled when moving towards Zero Waste.

The first thing to change was our shampoo. I was already wary of the chemicals in ‘normal’ shampoo that I bought in the supermarket. I had heard of shampoo bars and was eager to try them. While they are expensive we have found them great! It may take a bit of experimenting to find one that is suitable for your hair type but I have most producers and sellers of the shampoo bars are very willing to help you out and to suggest which ones might work for you.

As we live in Co Wicklow my preferred place to get my shampoo bar is from AB Soap Studio in Ashford. It’s a gorgeous shop and they have a range of shampoo bars available. They also sell regular soap bars which we have also switched to and we have a soap bar in each bathroom in our house now.

As well as shampoo and soap you can buy other Zero Waste products there such as bamboo toothbrushes, which we have all used, super natural deodorant (Pit Putty) that comes in a metal tin rather than plastic packaging, and more. You can find them here.

I also use natural cleaning products in the bathroom such as Lilly’s Eco Clean. The great thing about using these cleaning products is that you can get refills from shops like And Keep in Greystones or you can order online from eco friendly shops such as Klee Paper who won’t use plastic in their packaging. At some point I hope to make my own cleaning products but that’s for another day!

The bathroom is a great and easy place to start on your Zero Waste journey!

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