Advent Countdowns

Advent is such an exciting time as we count down to Christmas and the birth of Jesus. L and A really enjoy having a fun countdown each year. We usually buy a chocolate advent calendar each for them. We use our light box and change the number each day. The Christmas tree shaped advent calendar is one we use every year. You can fill it with anything small. Last Christmas we put a Christmas joke in each box which was great fun!

Some years ago I found little pegs, ribbon and Christmas paper in Tiger and made this envelope Advent calendar. Inside each envelope is a Bible verse that tells part of the Christmas story.

One year I bought 25 books and wrapped them and placed them in a pile. We opened one book each day during Advent and got to enjoy a new story each day. Now the kids are older this isn’t so practical as they prefer chapter books but with toddlers and young kids it can be a fun countdown!

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