Art Party

For A’s 5th party we had a art and craft theme. We hired an entertainer and a community hall. The children designed bracelets on paper and then threaded beads onto elastic to make their bracelets.

The entertainer played games such as musical statues as well and she had a parachute for parachute games. She also did face painting.

We kept the decorations simple. I made rainbow paper chains and a happy birthday banner. I used coloured sheets of paper for the place mats and coloured bowls and cups for the kids to use. A rainbow vegetable platter, rainbow jellies and cookies shaped and decorated like art palettes added colour to the table. We cooked cocktail sausages and chicken nuggets in the community centre kitchen.

At the table I also placed an art palette on each child’s place along with a cupcake with plain white icing. I then provided various sprinkles and toppings like mini marshmallows for the kids to decorate their own cupcakes. These palettes were then washed and dried and put into the party favour bags along with the bracelets they had made and some treats.

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