Fire Fighter Themed Party

For L’s 3rd birthday we went with a firefighter theme as he loved fire engines and Fireman Sam. We rented a hall and a bouncy castle and decorated with fire themed decorations. I ordered some of the decorations online from Amazon. I printed out place mats with firemen on them and chose the food to fit in with the fire theme, including printing out food labels – orange jelly was ‘flaming jelly’, the water bottles were ‘fire engine fuel’, the crisps were fire balls, etc. I used red bags for the favours, filling them with a few treats and then tying them with a fire themed thank you card. I used some of L’s fire engine toys to help with the decor as well.

We also played two fire themed games. I drew a large fire engine on a big sheet of paper and made lots of little ladders too. Each child at the party had a chance to pin the ladder on the fire engine, while blindfolded. The second game involved some hoops, pictures of fire and beanbags. The blue beanbags represented water and the kids had to throw the beanbags into the hoop to put out the fire!

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