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I’ve written about the Glendalough visitor centre and how they organise family friendly events previously (click here for that post).

However, Glendalough itself is also worth a visit. It is advisable to get there early, particularly if it’s a weekend or the weather is good! There is a car park (cost €4) and a visitor centre. The visitor centre provides information about the historic site but is not necessary. There are however toilets located there and it’s advisable to use them before heading off to explore the area.

Glendalough is full of nature and beautiful walks – from easy to challenging! There are also two lakes (the lower and the upper) which are fun to paddle in so bring those wellies if the weather is cool or a towel to dry feet if the weather is warm!

Glendalough is also famous for it’s round tower and the ruins of a monastic village. You are free to wander around the ruins and the graveyard but too take care – the ground is quite uneven in places.

During busy periods there are usually a couple of food vans open in the carpark but you can of course also pack a picnic and find a scenic spot in which to enjoy it!

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