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Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Activity

This is a simple, mess free and fun activity for toddlers that helps to develop their fine motor skills (developing the strength and dexterity of their fingers).

To do this activity you simply need some pipe cleaners and a colander (or similar object that has holes). To prepare the activity simply pull a pipe cleaner through each hole. You can pull some of them halfway, some of the 1/4 of the way, some 3/4, etc. Then give the colander with the pipe cleaners to your toddler and let them pull the pipe cleaners out, one by one.

You can then encourage them to try and put the pipe cleaners into the holes themselves. This part is trickier but is a good challenge for your child!

A similar activity uses an empty wipes tub or similar tub that has a hole and a lid. I filled the tub with pieces of  ribbon for L to pull out through the hole.

If carrying out these activities do make sure that you supervise your toddler to ensure the activity is safe and no harm is done!

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