The Peeka Company

Our family are big fans of KiwiCo – a company that sends out monthly crates with activities for kids. See my post about them here.

Recently, I was contemplating getting a subscription for their ‘Panda Crate’ for babies and toddlers when I came across an Irish company offering a similar service. In a bid to support local I decided to sign up to The Peeka Company and check them out! (

The Peeka Company are based in Co. Meath. You sign up on their website (see address above) and, every 3 months, they will send you a box filled with educational toys and activities for your baby/toddler and you to do. It is €50 every 3 months, plus the cost of shipping the box to you (€8.50). It is pricey enough but my first box arrived this week and I was delighted with the contents!

Firstly, there was a board book with a finger puppet. The book is by well known author Lucy Cousins and is a lovely story about a little fish. Next, there were two toys and a maraca, all beautifully made and great quality. Very sturdy looking and durable. There was also a beautiful teether and, finally, a box of sensory cards for babies from Priya and Peanut ( A little booklet, also included in the box, gave some ideas for games and activities you can do with your baby to help their development as well. Finally, a letter from the company included a link to the members area of the website where there are more resources – I have yet to log in but will soon and will update the blog then.

The boxes ship on the 20th of the month but this month there was a delay with one of the items and so the box was a couple of days late being posted out. However, the company notified me by email about the delay – excellent customer service! I was also pretty pleased with the way the box was packaged -the box itself is cardboard but there was no plastic whatsoever used inside the box which is wonderful! The only downside was that the box came covered in a layer of plastic – perhaps this is for protection from the elements but it would be fantastic to see that layer of plastic gone!

Overall, I am thrilled with the contents of the box and will enjoy exploring them with C over the coming weeks.


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