Days Out

Wicklow Gaol

Wicklow Gaol is an historic jail located in Wicklow town. There is a small car park in front of the jail and parking is free if you are visiting the jail (make sure to get a token). There is a cafe, gift shop and toilets as well.

The jail housed many prisoners over a number of years. You are free to move throughout the jail. Many of the cells are open and you can walk into them. Some of the cells have wax figures in them and some have pre-recorded audio clips of the wax figures speaking about what they had done and what life in the jail was like.

For kids there is a trail you can follow with ten questions to be answered. At the end when you return to the shop you can hand in your completed trail and receive a certificate in return.

As this is a jail it is a little scary and dark in places and is probably not suitable for very young children.

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