Dying eggs with skittles

I like to try a new method of dying eggs each year with the kids and this year I came across dying eggs with skittles. I was excited to try this method but I admit I was disappointed with the results! Perhaps we need to improve our technique but here is what we did!

You will need:

Skittles (35-40 of each colour)

Hard boiled White eggs





To dye the eggs separate the skittles into the five colours. Then place 35-40 skittles of each colour into the cups. Next pour a tablespoon of vinegar and some hot water into each of the cups. Mix the vinegar, water and skittles – the water should change colour as the dye comes off the skittles. Carefully place an egg in each cup.

When I read about this method it said leave the eggs in the vinegar and water for around 15 minutes. However, when we checked the eggs after this time period they were still pretty white! We ended up leaving our eggs overnight in the solution and even then, while they had become coloured, they were patchy in places. The egg in the orange skittle solution was the least coloured, the green egg the best.

L and A were happy enough with the results however and, once they had dried, we took them outside for a race down the hill and then an egg and spoon race in the garden!

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